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​Cambridge Advantage's mission is to help business owners to generate additional revenues so that it significantly boosts bottom-line profits

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Are you a business owner looking to have your best year ever?

As a business owner, you take pride in offering unique solutions to solve customer’s problems and work effortlessly to grow your business.


But, as you know, there are challenges you face ever day – from attracting new customers to retaining the existing ones; from securing finances to improving revenue and profitability; from recognising talent to embracing new technology. Dealing with these challenges will require a new way of thinking and acting, of visualising both the threats and your responses in a more detailed, sophisticated and controllable way.  


And that’s exactly what we at Cambridge Advantage offer with our unique business improvement programs – the ability to drive efficiency and productivity in your day to day operations so that you can increase your revenues leading to profit growth.


But any business improvement program is only as good as its adopters and expert users. That’s where you – as a business owner have the opportunity to shape both your company’s and your customer’s future by embarking on this transformational journey.


In doing so, you’ll not only put the customer at the heart of your business but also take pride in building a successful and sustainable enterprise so that you can establish your brand identity and scale your business.

How We Work

With a wealth of experience behind us to inform our approach, our business coaching and consulting service is simple. We partner with your business and audit your enterprise – to help you devise a strategy that will ensure that you’re able to go from strength to strength with your business.

This might mean a number of things, depending on the setup that your business has chosen, the position you have achieved in your market, and the trajectory you’re currently following. We will take a look at:

  • Your basic financial data, including profit margins

  • The access to the market you currently have, and your capability to expand

  • Your sales and marketing teams and how they can work more effectively

  • The weak spots in your workflow, offering advice as to how to tighten up your processes

  • The skills you have within your core team, and what might be lacking

  • Your overall strategy, and how you can best plot a path to sustained growth


All of these factors will be considered by us to offer the best advice for small business owners in a variety of industries.

Register today for a FREE online Business Breakthrough Session.

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Our Value Proposition

​When you bring us on board, you’re not only bringing on an external perspective, you’re bringing on board a talented and experienced consultant who will have observed and improved businesses just like yours.

​It’s this very specific knowledge and experience you’ll be accessing when you decide to engage in business coaching for small business that will help you find the success your enterprise deserves.​ There's no such thing as an effective "one size fits all" path to profitability and growth because every business is different. We understand that, and we work with you to develop strategies that are specifically designed for your business.


We're highly experienced in working with all manner of small and medium-sized businesses, offering highly affordable and easily implementable strategies that are designed to be scalable within the scope of your business.

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