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For small to medium-sized business owners, managing business responsibilities while thinking strategically about increasing your profits can feel like a juggling act.

It’s in this sense that start-ups, small businesses and medium-sized enterprises can benefit enormously from the industry's best business development programs offered by Cambridge Advantage.


Cambridge Advantage enables enterprises to solve business challenges and focus on growth strategy with the help of Quantum Leap's two tier training for small business owners.

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Business Accelerator Program

The small Business Accelerator Program is designed to give businesses the rapid boost they need to better establish themselves as authorities in their marketplace, driving both profitability and growth as they do so.

Over the course of 12 weeks, we'll work with you to identify key strategies that can have a profound effect on your business. It's easy to worry about spiralling marketing budgets, but many of the strategies we recommend carry low cost or no cost.

By implementing a sequence of small measures, this business training program guides the business owner in achieving growth targets.


Business Excellence Program

The small Business Excellence Program is designed to offer a more in-depth approach to business management. Spread over 52 weeks, this business course will expand further on the lessons learnt from the Business Accelerator Program. We'll work with you to develop a more comprehensive set of strategies to drive your business forward.

The Business Accelerator Program is an essential prerequisite before commencing the Business Excellence Program. This will allow us to better understand how your business works and operates whilst giving us time to understand your goals and ambitions.


Business Excellence Program will put you on a path towards significantly growing and sustaining your net profit.

You can learn more about our programs by registering to one of our business breakthrough sessions

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